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Rhum Barbancourt

Over 150 years ago, Dupre Barbancourt created the perfect recipe for pure Haitian sugar cane rhum. By using a double distillation process and Limousin oak barrel aging normally used for the most exquisite cognac, the Rhum Barbancourt tradition has stood the test of time. Barbancourt's legacy has been passed down through four generations and is still made today using the same traditions.

Rhum Barbancourt goes beyond rum, delivering Haiti's iconic spirits from our shores to yours.

The Rhum Barbancourt portfolio of expressions includes:

Rhum Barbancourt White Rum
◦ The Versatile Mixer
Rhum Barbancout Pango Rhum
◦ Aged and macerated with pineapples and mangos
Rhum Barbancourt 3Star
◦ Aged 4 years to perfection
Rhum Barbancourt 5Star Réserve Spéciale
◦ Aged 8 years in white oak barrels
Rhum Barbancout Estate Reserve
◦ Aged 15 rich and refined years

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