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Pierre Ferrand Cognac

In the heart of the famous “Golden Triangle” in Grande Champagne lies the production of one of the world’s most venerated Cognacs, Pierre Ferrand Cognac. Not only is this Cognac considered the “Premier Cru de Cognac” but the house of Cognac Ferrand is lauded as a Grande Champagne specialist and is one of only a handful of Cognac houses that specializes in old Cognacs from Grande Champagne that are not blended with lesser area Cognacs. Maison Ferrand’s success begins with these prized vineyards and its belief that to produce an exceptional Cognac you must first create an exceptional wine. To that end, Maison Ferrand is perhaps the only house that has a full-time oenologist trained in making premium wine in Bordeaux. Maison Ferrand is very vested in the vines and the vineyards and the wines used in the distillation of Pierre Ferrand Cognac come from the heart of the Grande Champagne, long considered the finest growing area.

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