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St. Petroni: Only on Earth. Red Vermouth Albariño on lees & Wormwood
St. Petroni is produced following a careful selection of best vintages of Albariño grapes. To do this, we assure that the final production is obtained from an área spoliled by its unique microclimate, placed in the Valley of Padrón (Rosalian vineyards of PAZO ARRETEN).
We cause fermentation on lees to produce distinguishing shades, both in smell and taste, as in the texture of the wine base, which will later be used in the assembly, to maintain the power of the grape in the vermouth.

We select herbs and botanicals very clung to our culture and to our paths, from which is particulary remarkable the abstinthe (the magic plant); bay leaves, mint, rosemay, thyme, sage and lemon balm; skins of sweet and bitter orange, lemon pulp and hibiscus flowers, chamomile....

- Selection of the Albariño grapes
- Fermentation on lees
- Wine stabilisation
- Handmade controlled maceration of 29 selected plants into pure native alcohols
- Assembly through a unique and secret process
- Rest
- Filtration

- Dark red with copper sparkles. With a balanced anatomy, high crystallinity and sparkling lustre.
- On the nose, scents of ripe fruit stand, of vainilla and delicate pastries, wrapped with balsamic, medicinal ans spicy nuances.
- The palate begins with a fresh, spacious and elegant, capable of balancing acidity, sweetness and bitterness entry. High-volume, long-distance and amplitude. It includes an aftertaste of bitter and intense sweeties. Of great complexity.

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