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Citadelle Gin

Alexandre Gabriel, president of Maison Ferrand, guided by his interminable quest to create fine spirits, set out in 1997 to create one the world’s finest Gins – and he truly means to give Gin a capital G. At the time, gin had largely become an industrial, mass-produced trendy spirit, lacking distinction and genuine taste. Alexandre was determined to bring back “true gin” – a spirit with a great mouth-feel, a thirst-quenching taste of juniper berries combined with the complexity of a very fine spirit. To achieve this, Alexandre did a tremendous amount of research and found an 18th century recipe calling for a complex medley of spices and a pot still. The updated recipe became today’s Citadelle Gin and ‘set the bar’ for the industry, giving gin lovers what they were missing – an authentic spirit made with exotic ingredients and a true “story of taste.”

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