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In 1893, the itinerant distiller Prosper Delord found the Maison Delord which became Armagnac Delord Frères when his two sons, Gaston et Georges took on the Armagnac. Today, the family tradition carries on with Jacques and Pierre, Prosper's grandson, and the  younger generation, Jérôme and Sylvain.

Located in Lannepax, in the Bas-Armagnac region, the Delord vineyards, of 42  hectares, comprise the Ugni Blanc, Bacco, Colombard et Folle Blanche grape varieties.
The family distillery uses two antique alambics that give a traditional output of less than 30 litres of eau-de-vie per hour.
Our cellars hold more than 1200 oak barrels that mature and protect the Armagnac eaux-de-vie dating from the 20th century to the present day. The oldest Armagnacs are kept in glass demi-johns in apart of the cellars known as « Le Paradis ». The oldest among them was distilled in 1900.

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