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Amber Beverage Group

Riga, Latvia (EU)
Amber Beverage Group (ABG) is the leading beverage business in the Baltic and Nordic regions of Europe.

Being a part of SPI Group, ABG is also a sole producer of its famous Stolichnaya vodka for over 170 markets worldwide.

Amber Beverage Group owns and produces over 130 beverage brands at its historic facilities in Riga, Latvia - the largest and most vibrant metropolis of the Baltics. 

Some of our brands enjoy world fame for centuries already and are market leaders in many international. Just a couple to name - Riga Black Balsam, probably the oldest living bitter brand crafted since 1752, and Moskovskaya vodka - once established in 19th century as the original vodka of Russian Empire monopoly and been with us since 1900.

Paying the respect to our craftsmanship traditions, we combine our traditional technologies and all-natural ingredients with state-of-art modern inventions to deliver top quality products for our consumers.

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