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I am an author, journalist, speaker and events producer with a background in biology. My first book, Sex, Drugs & Rock n’ Roll: The Science of Hedonism and the Hedonism of Science – hand-picked by The Guardian as a “must- read” – was published by Profile Books in August 2014. Reviewed with wide acclaim by such diverse publications as Wired, The Daily Mail, The Independent, BBC Focus and The Big Issue, it celebrates and explores why being bad feels so good – and why these “base” pursuits are key to what makes us human.

Based in London, Based in London, I am represented by Profile Books and also by the Artists Partnership, an agency that represents Idris Elba, Harvey Keitel, Kim Cattrall, Jeremy Irons and many more.

I have given public lectures to tens of thousands of people since 2008 on music, science, sex and drugs at festivals, literary events, universities, government institutions, and industry workshops. Recent appearances include Talks at Google, F5 Festival in NYC, BBC Radio 4, The CBC, Monocle, Slate, and NPR, plus music and literary festivals across the UK.

People can talk to me about a huge range of subjects. My background is in biology, and I grew up in the music industry. I have previously worked as an environmental journalist, specialising in topics from climate change to toxic chemicals. I now specialise in exploring how "hedonistic" pursuits are crucial components of the human condition, but my breadth of knowledge is very wide.

I also understand how alcohol can be both a friend and a foe, having suffered liver damage in 2010 after taking medication for epilepsy - so I know a huge amount about how to avoid bad hangovers, rebuild your liver, and enjoy the world's oldest drug again.

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