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The Bon Vivants
Founding Partner
San Francisco, California

Scott Baird, a Bay Area native, is a founding partner of The Bon Vivants, a nationally recognized hospitality, design, and creative group. In 2009, Baird was approached by fellow bartender and co-worker at 15 Romolo, Josh Harris. The duo decided to take on a bar-consulting gig together and The Bon Vivants were born, defining thoughtful sophistication and a true sense of authenticity in their projects by combining creative cocktail programs, solid operational expertise, and unique food offerings with compelling design and ambiance.  With a growing global appetite for artisanal drinks and dynamic nightlife destinations, The Bon Vivants manage to attract both spirits-savvy guests and simultaneously expand the concept of accessible cocktail culture, creating a new standard on an international platform

Bon Vivant: Etymology: French, literally, "good liver"
A person having cultivated, refined, and sociable tastes, especially with respect to food and drink

The Bon Vivants represent the best of the beverage hospitality industry: thoughtful and smart operators and consultants; forward-thinking creators of contemporary flavors; creative and groundbreaking cocktail innovators; consummate hosts; articulate and passionate experts in their field.  Each of these fundamental characteristics are in tune with broader cocktail and lifestyle trends, but combined they carve a unique niche for the brand to become an enduring fixture on the national food and beverage landscape.

In January of 2013, The Bon Vivants opened their highly anticipated Trick Dog in San Francisco’s Mission District.  Trick Dog successfully shifted the cocktail from center stage, making room for artfully crafted drinks to become the norm and part of a fully integrated and thoughtfully executed bar experience. 

The Bon Vivants have also garnered acclaim for their bar programs at the two-Michelin-starred fine dining restaurant Quince in San Francisco; the pan-Mexican high volume restaurant Comal in Berkeley, named among 10 best restaurants in 2012 by San Francisco Chronicle; Food Network Star Tyler Florence's restaurant Wayfare Tavern in San Francisco; San Francisco cocktail bar 15 Romolo, named among Esquire Magazine’s Best Bars in America; acclaimed food writer Pim Techamuanvivit’s Union Square Thai restaurant Kin Khao, and, the UK–styled gastropubs Againn and Againn Tavern in Washington D.C. and Rockville, Maryland. 

Baird also continually works with international liquor clients on flavor development, activations, education, and trade marketing. The Bon Vivants are also founders of the national charitable event series Pig & Punch, which has raised over $145,000 to date and coordinated over 5,300 volunteer hours of labor for charter schools in the US. 

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