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20th October of 1969. Albert Adrià is born in the neighborhood of Santa Eulàlia, in l’Hospitalet, is son of Ginés and Josefa. His parents instill him an interest for cuisine; but is his brother Ferran, whom introduces him to the passion for the profession.

1985-1997. On the 1985, Albert discovers what work means, by abandoning his studies and becoming part of elBulli staff. After a learning process of two years among the different departments that compound the kitchen, its interest finally focuses on the pastry department.

The illusion of realizing an everyday evolution and the opportunity of working in such a unique place like elBulli, provokes in Albert and increasing interest for his profession, which reaffirms year after year.

He also takes care of completing his formation during the winters when the Restaurant was closing its doors, by performing stages in famous pastries like Turull’s in Terrassa, Escribà in Barcelona, Totel in Elda, next to the master Francisco Torreblanca, as well as a month in the center of Paris, at Guy Savoy.

1997-1998. During the year 1997, Albert leaves elBulli for half season, after 10 years, he dedicates his time on writing what will become his first book “The Desserts of El Bulli” which is published in October 1998; after a year and a half of hard work, which is compensated by receiving the award of The best book of pastry on the Gastronomic Fair in Perigueux.

By the end of the year and coinciding with the book publication, el Taller started to take form on the same location as elBullicatering was. This first elBullitaller consisted of a table, four books and two chairs, one for Albert and the other one for Oriol Castro.

1998 - Once the importance of having el Taller was shown, a new location was found in the center of Barcelona. Alongside with Oriol Castro and Ferran. They were in charge of conceiving, year after year, the menu of the following season, making therefore elBulli becoming into a Restaurant which was changing its proposal year after year, as in haute couture.

Albert is then in charge of elBullitaller and its professional life, bonds with Oriol’s and Ferran’s, as if they were one person only.

He has performed stages in places like Michel Bras, The Fat Duck, Mugaritz, Martin Berasategui and the recently deceased Charlie Trotter, among others.

In 2006 opens in Barcelona, together with his long time friend Juan Martínez, the Inopia Classic Bar, an establishment specialized in traditional tapas.

In 2009 its published its second book, Natura, and directs the documentary “Un día en elBulli” (A day in elBulli), movie which is afterwards rewarded in several festivals.

In July of 2010 Inopia closes its doors and Albert opens two new concepts in Barcelona: in January 2011, a cocktail bar called 41º and TICKETS, a tapas restaurant, in March of the same year.

In April of 2012 the cocktail bar is remodeled and becomes 41º Experience, an experience of 41 courses paired with cocktails, for 16 people.

In April 2013, Albert opens a new restaurant japanese-peruvian, PAKTA and in September of the same year starts a new concept as well, the vermutería “Bodega 1900”.

In November 2013 is recognized by the TIME Magazine as one of the 13 most influent people in the gastronomy world.

On the same month is published also the book of Tickets called “Tapas, La cocina del Tickets”.

On Wednesday the 20th November of 2013, Albert receives a Michelin star for Tickets and a Michelin star for 41º Experience.

In April 2014, Tickets appears in position 57 and 41º Expierence in position 74, on the World’s 50 Best list of Restaurant Magazine.

In August 2014, 41 Experience closes its doors due to the limited facilities that didn’t allow the concept to develop in all its potential.

That month Albert travels to Copenhagen for the closing of the MAD#4 Symposium, organized by René Redzepi.

On that same month, the Mexican Taqueria Niño Viejo, along with his partner chef Paco Méndez, the most casual and easy going concept of Mexico.

It’s followed in November of that same year by Hoja Santa, the fine dining mexican restaurant that aims to reflect its most authentic and contemporary gastronomy.

In November also, Pakta is recognized by its first michelin star.

In February 2015, the creative alliance between Ferran and Albert Adrià and Cirque du Soleil for the project Heart Ibiza is announced.

In June 2015, Tickets enters in the World’s 50 Best List of Restaurant Magazine, in position number 42. Albert is also recognized with the prize of best World’s Pastry Chef, as a tribute of his career over the years on pastry cuisine.

Heart Ibiza opens its doors in June 2015, this first season was aiming to be an experimental place in order to see what happens when art, gastronomy and music collide. The concept for Heart Ibiza 2016 will be slightly different.

At the end of October 2015, Adrià also received the National Gastronomy Prize for the best restaurant entrepreneur in Spain, which is given by the International Academy of Gastronomy

In November 2015, his fine dining Mexican restaurant Hoja Santa receives it’s first michelin star, becoming therefore the second Mexican restaurant in Europe to receive this accolade.

Currently Albert is working on Enigma, the new and last concept in Barcelona - evolution of 41º Experience - that is foreseen to open mid 2016.

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