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Oscar Garza

Bacardi-Martini Product Development
Senior Research Scientist

Oscar is a Senior Research Scientist at Bacardi-Martini Product Development.  He is an expert, 22 years of experience, with analytical instrumentation; such as, Gas and Liquid Chromatographs, Mass Spectrometers, UV-Visible Spectroscopy, Wets and other techniques pertaining to the spirit industry.  Think of Oscar as the CSI investigator of the spirit world which he unravels many of the secrets related to aroma and taste of spirit products.  He is also a TTB Certified Distilled Spirits chemist as well as a certified, rum, tequila and vodka taster and has in depth knowledge with aging, fermentation and distillation.

It started with a Bachelor of Science from the University of North Florida in 1993, worked in environmental testing field for three years and then the pulp industry for 2 years before started to work at Bacardi in Jacksonville, Florida in 1998.   Oscar is passionate about the art and science behind producing the perfect spirit product to enjoy at ones leisure.   He is a world traveler living in places like Singapore, Bahamas, Puerto Rico and England.  He loves fishing, billiards and other outdoor activities. 

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