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Ned Popovic

Bacardi Martini Product Development
R&D Beverage Scientist
Jacksonville, FL
Ned is a Mad Scientist with strong passion and technical savvy in everything beverage science, processing, innovation, technology and advocacy are just a few of the fields he excels at while working at Bacardi-Martini Product Development. Often confused as the "Russian", he is actually a very loud and funny Serbian who loves challenging tasks and is eager to jump on developing something new from scratch, build a distillation still from pots and pans, or just have a shot whenever there is a need for a new product development feedback, a brainstorm, discussion or fun!

He has a Bachelor's degree in Biological Sciences with a minor in Chemistry. For many years he was a lab teacher teaching Chemistry I, Chemistry II, Biology and Human Physiology at Florida International University, he spent time in Eastern Europe as the Department Head for Olympus Life and Material Science Division, and was also a Lieutenant in Reserve with the Serbian military within Nuclear Biological & Chemical Defense department. He joined Bacardi-Martini Product Development in 2009 after spending a few years in a small juice manufacturing plant and has been creating, developing and producing products ever since, including building a new R&D Center for Bacardi India Pvt Ltd and Tang tea spirit for China,

Ned loves hanging out with friends, playing soccer and dancing the nigth away at a party with a good beat!

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