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Nick Kennedy

Civil Liberties Bar
Bartender/ Bar Owner
Toronto, Ontario, Cananda
Nick loves working behind the bar. He currently puts in five or six nights a week as principal bartender and owner at Civil Liberties, a modern cocktail bar located in Toronto, Canada.
Nick began his career in the bar industry while studying Neuroscience at the University of Toronto. It became quickly apparent to him that concepts from neuroscience specifically supporting a cognitive framework for compassion, mindfulness, and the the building blocks of expertise could powerfully inform how he treats his guests, and hone his skills as a barman. After taking on the role of Bar Manager at the busy Toronto restaurant Salt, Nick attended his first Tales of the Cocktail in hopes of finding the inspiration and knowledge necessary to make Salt a destination in the City for finely crafted cocktails. It was his success in this endeavour that prompted the opening of Civil Liberties.  
Nick's unique perspective on hospitality is grounded in the cognitive processes that govern how we function as both bartenders and guests. This perspective has done more than directly make his guests experiences better, it has started a discussion among peers and guests alike as to what one could and should expect out of the experience of being in a bar.

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