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Marco Zappia

Managing Partner
Marco Zappia dropped out of middle school because no one liked his haircut, was accepted into Stanford’s advanced placement program, promptly got into too much trouble and ran away from Palo Alto into the patchouli scented bosom of Berkeley, where he studied Sartre, Derrida, and Nietzsche. California girls didn’t like him, so he went to the east coast to Bard where he partook in many dinner parties, drank a lot of Yellowtail and tasted super exotic cheeses. Being the all-star philosopher that he thinks he is, the only logical solution to life was to drop out of college and bus tables. His grandmother was very proud. He met his mentors Nicholas Kosevich and Ira Koplowitz of Bittercube when the Eat Street Social was beginning to take shape, and they forced Marco to start bartending and also proceeded to use him for free labor until they felt guilty, deciding to make him a managing partner. Then he won some awards for blah blah blah (grandma, I’m looking at you). Marco spends his days writing, drinking gin, figuring out ways to reverse engineer lime juice, and making drinks come true. Bittercube has consulted on twenty five bar programs, currently manages ten bars across the country (one in Costa Rica), with four confirmed activations in 2016, and has trained over 300 bartenders.

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