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Born in Canberra, Australia, Josh Mazza found his love of wine and all things hospitality in the wine regions of Central Victoria after a family move to the regional center of Bendigo. Studying with the Australian Sommeliers Association to acquire accreditation as a Sommelier only increased his desire to explore a life in wine. 

Forming a boutique consulting group with some of Australia's most talented young hospitality professionals in the early 2000’s saw his focus shift from wine service to management systems and training programs. The success of this group prompted Mazza to pursue larger plans and whilst traveling in 2009 he met his New York based wife Aliya and relocated to the U.S. permanently. 

Being in the birthplace of the cocktail inspired Josh to study the history and techniques of the great American Barsmiths. Training under and working with some of the industries most talented contemporary exponents, he quickly gained a reputation for his honest, unadorned and warm brand of hospitality.

In 2013 Josh and Aliya formed Qualia Hospitality providing consultancy services to small businesses. The company grew quickly with UK import Francis Verrall and New Mexico native Stephen Laycock joining the group in 2014. Current projects include Ducks Eatery, Copper Kettle Kitchen, The Gilroy, Seamstress, Trademark Taste & Grind and Belle Shoals.

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