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Jesse Falowitz

New York, NY.
Jesse Falowitz is a certified Shochu Advisor and Cofounder of Mizu Shochu 美鶴乃舞, a double-gold and gold medal winning craft shochu produced by the Munemasa Shuzo Co. of Arita, Japan. Falowitz spent 10 years in Asia, eventually leaving his career as a brand strategist to pursue his passion for shochu. Upon one of his visits to Kyushu, a detour to Saga in search of shochu cups made from the famed arita-yaki ‘fine porcelain’ lead to the discovery of the Munemasa distillery and eventually, the launch of Mizu Shochu in 2013. Handcrafted in the traditional way, Mizu (the moniker for 美鶴乃舞, read Mizunomai) is single distilled from two-rowed barley, black koji rice, and the pure, famous waters of Black Hair Mountain. At 70 proof it is more concentrated, like shochus of old, to enhance the subtle complexities, body and finish. It is also produced using 100% locally farmed ingredients from Saga prefecture, a source of great pride to master distiller Hirofumi Okoba. Falowitz aims to extend the brand to a line on craft shochus that capture Munemasa’s spirit of creativity, along with the flavors and drinking culture of the region.

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