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Greg Boehm

Cocktail Kingdom
New York, NY

Since founding Cocktail Kingdom, the standard-bearer of bar-industry equipment worldwide and one of the catalysts of the craft cocktail movement, Greg Boehm has guided the progression of modern mixology by attentively sourcing and manufacturing the highest-quality barware to better suit the needs of the ever-evolving profession. Cocktail Kingdom today has offices in New York, London, and Melbourne, and its tools are coveted by top bartenders around the globe. “If you’re a chef, you have professional tools that differentiate you from a home cook. Until Cocktail Kingdom, there was no easy way to differentiate a professional bartender from someone with a casual interest,” he explains. “We enabled the cocktail renaissance by giving significant cocktail programs the tools to distinguish themselves.” 

Boehm, who comes from a family of independent publishers and bibliophiles, first became interested in the craft cocktail world nearly two decades ago when the 2 

family business began publishing the books of legendary London bartender Salvatore Calabrese. Boehm would spend every night he was in town, two to three weeks a year, at Calabrese’s bar to drink what he calls “proper cocktails.” When back home in New York, Boehm couldn’t find drinks of the same caliber, so he started collecting cocktail texts of the past. “I went to my book-geek side and started hunting down antique cocktail books as my outlet for my newly found cocktail interest, and then I never stopped.” 

Boehm grew his personal library into the largest collection of cocktail books in the world, including more than 2,800 rare and one-of-a-kind pieces, such as his newly acquired 1948 pre-first edition proof of “the best book on cocktail theory ever written,” The Fine Art of Mixing Drinks, by David Embury. He keeps the collection in a working research library in New York, which draws bartenders and writers from around the world – thereby continuing to influence the world of cocktails as both writers and bartenders draw from this resource to create new menus and tomes on topics such as Tiki, South American cocktails, and Japanese mixology techniques. 

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