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Fernando Pérez

Caballero Group
Master Distiller and Quality Control Director

Born in El Puerto de Santa María, Fernando Pérez was introduced to winemaking at an early age. He frequently visited the Sherry winery where his older cousins were working and became intrigued with the culture of Sherry.  How different styles of wines were obtained from a sole must, how wines evolved depending on climate conditions and how they were blended to obtain their best expression were some of the factors that fascinated Fernando most. When it came time to embark on his studies, Fernando completed a degree in Chemistry followed by a post graduate degree in Viticulture and Enology.

In 1990, Fernando joined Caballero Group as Master Distiller and Quality Control Director, responsible for overseeing the production process of Lustau brandies, from the distillate to the final product.

The vast experience Fernando has accumulated during a lifetime of dedication to spirits, liquors and fortified wines was reflected in his appointment in 2013 as a member of the Sherry Regulatory Board tasting panel for quality control and assurance. 

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