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Erik Ettner

O'Neill Vintners & Distillers
Brandymaker / Winemaker
Erik Ettner is a Central California native who embodies the hard working and innovative nature of those who inhabit the area.  Before his career in distillation he studied wine making at Fresno State University while working in a viticulture research laboratory.  His roots in winemaking have strengthened his sensory and creative skills while a firm grasp of science has allowed him to take a more nuanced approach to distilling.  Since assuming the role of Brandy Maker at O'Neill Vintners and Distillers, he has continuously encouraged innovation in all aspects of distilling.  Under his guidance, efficiency and quality have increased on both continuous and batch distillations which can be seen in the quality of the products he is responsible for.  Erik also heads the Research and Development Department at O'Neill Vintners.  By being given free rein to experiment with different distillation techniques, he continues to innovate on existing projects and the creation of new ones.  His ongoing projects include small batch pot distilled brandy, re-distilled gins and California whiskey.

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