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Emile Ward

Gin Foundry
London, United Kingdom
Emile is the engineer behind Gin Foundry's operations in addition to being responsible for its bespoke projects, social media, SEO and e-commerce platform and generally keeps the wheels turning. Emile's commercial understanding, harnessed by his expertise in advertising and his unique take on products, has allowed Gin Foundry to launch projects that celebrate the category and allow consumers to enjoy all the aspects of gin's rich history.

To date, Emile's careful stewardship has seen the Ginvent calendars go global and the launch of the Anthology of Gin pack (the first ever tasting set to educate consumers on the different styles of gin and their history) into award-winning innovative products.

Emile has also developed Junipalooza, a gin focused event held in London, England and Melbourne, Australia each year. In only its third year, Junipalooza is already known as the premier gin show, with distillers flying in from around the world and thousands of consumers keen to meet the makers. Additionally, Emile has also turned Gin Foundry's e-commerce platform, the Gin Kiosk, into a specialised online gin shop specifically curated to elevate the category and bring back the personal touch in online shopping.

Emile has helped Gin Foundry develop from a website into the Home of Gin both online and through all relevant channels. In doing so, he has transformed the website into a true celebration of the category. It is now a hub that facilitates both makers finding an audience, and fans finding a new way to discover gin. To that effect, Gin Foundry's traffic rank is now #474,209 globally (ranked by alexa.com) making it one of the 20 most visited websites about spirits in the UK and the most visited gin specific site in the world.

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