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Eliot Sherman

Washington, DC
Eliot Sherman is an environmental scientist and water management specialist by day and bar fly by night. His personal and professional passions dovetailed when he became acutely aware of the lacking environmental responsibility throughout the food and beverage industry.

Eliot received his BS in Environmental Science from the State University of New York at Buffalo, and his MS in International Water Management from Ben Gurion University in Israel. He has worked extensively on a broad range of water management issues throughout the world, from large-scale mutli-national desalination projects in the Middle East to hand-dug drinking water wells in rural Africa; and with various government agencies and NGOs including the World Bank, The US Department of State, USAID, USDA, and Friends of the Earth. He currently works in the Office of Water at the US Environmental Protection Agency, focusing on drinking water and wastewater issues throughout the country.

When he's not publicly serving the country, he can be found privately serving patrons - staging at bars and restaurants around Washington, DC and consulting on food and beverage sustainability issues for new and old establishments alike. He knows there is an Oxford comma in this bio and will defend to the death his right to use it.

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