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Craig Miller

Department of Liquor
Industry Trade Practice Investigator
Officer Craig Miller has been employed by the Department of Liquor for 20 years.     
Officer Miller became pivotal in communications between Arizona liquor industry leaders and the Department of Liquor during a 2012 industry trade practice investigation.  The Department formed the Industry Trade Practice Investigation Unit, assigned Officer Miller the lead, and took him off of the street.  

To better understand the impact of Officer Miller’s reassignment, he is one of 15 sworn officers responsible for the compliance of more than 11,500 active liquor licenses in the state.  To bridge the enforcement gap, Department of Liquor officers collaborate with other law enforcement agencies on local, county, and state levels.  These collaborating agencies receive POST training credits in liquor law by attending courses created and facilitated by Officer Miller.   Course topics include fraudulent ID detection, Arizona liquor law, new liquor product education and, industry trade practice investigation.  

With all previous duties on hold, the 2012 industry trade practice investigation continued with Officer Miller at the helm.  With newly earned trust, producers and wholesalers began to reveal to Miller the current trade practices that, by design, circumvented state and federal laws regarding bribery, coercion and inducement.  Within 12-months, Officer Miller worked with the Department’s legal council and Compliance Unit to reach an agreement with the industry.  Ultimately, four wholesalers would enter into a single Consent Agreement with the Department and each pay a substantial fine.  Through the compliance process, trust and respect were never lost.  These wholesalers -- and many other industry leaders -- continue to work with Officer Miller to improve industry compliance focusing, this time, on industry trade practices of retailers.

Fair and respectful communication became essential for industry to participate in improved compliance.   Officer Miller’s skill and dedication is a model for effective communication and plays a key role for compliance of Arizona’s liquor industry.

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