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Carina Soto Velasquez

Carina grew up in Colombia finishing her early schooling in the city of Medellin. She moved to Paris to study French and later Sociology in 2004. After some experience working in restaurants and having always been attracted by the food and beverage industry, she decided to study Marketing and Management in Hospitality in Paris.

She worked at a range of places from dive bars to traditional restaurants to a Michelin starred establishment. In 2007 she started her professional bartender career, working in one of the first craft cocktail bars in Paris.

She was their first bartender and graduated to manager, hiring/training staff for the group that was growing during her three-year tenure. She took first prize for her original recipe in France’s national cocktail excellence contest, Les Trophées du Bar, in 2008 – a fantastic experience that opened the doors to meet distributors, importers and producers in the spirits and bar industry.

Since then she has worked designing cocktails for several brands and organizing events. Additionally, Carina worked as a food and beverage consultant in luxury hospitality before founding Quixotic Projects, a Paris-based hospitality company which owns and manages the venues Candelaria, Glass, Le Mary Celeste, and Hero.

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