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Avery Glasser

Bittermens, Inc.
New Orleans, LA

Avery Glasser is co-founder of New Orleans based Bittermens, Bittermens Spirits and Vendetta Spirits where he focuses on creating and producing new products for the cocktail community.

A dedicated barfly, Avery was invited to a bitters making event while living in San Francisco in 2007. His first attempt at making a flavor combination resulted in what is now the Bittermens Xocolatl Mole Bitters. After requests from bartenders across the country for these bitters, he and his wife, Janet, formed Bittermens, Inc. and set off to launch a unique line of bitters, focusing on new combinations of flavors that would help enable bartenders and cocktail enthusiasts to make cocktails that couldn’t be made before. This line now includes five bitters, one citrate, two shrub tinctures, an experimental line and bespoke products for chocolatiers and major spirits brands. Though Bittermens has grown to become one of the world’s largest bitters producers, every batch is still made, filtered and bottled by Avery and Janet in their Brooklyn facilities.

In 2011, Avery and Janet teamed up with long time friend Mayur Subbarao, a home vermouth and liqueur maker, to launch Bittermens Spirits, Inc. There, they focus on creating cocktail-friendly reinterpretations of classic bitter liqueurs. In late 2011, Avery was finally able to leave his day job to focus on Bittermens and Bittermens Spirits full time.

2013 marked a number of important changes for Bittermens, including the relocation of their business to New Orleans, bringing bitters production back to Louisiana for the first time after the relocation of Peychaud's to Kentucky. It also marked the launch of Vendetta Spirits, a nano-importer of traditionally produced spirits and liqueurs from Europe and beyond.

Most recently, in early 2015, Avery and Janet Glasser formed DALA Spirits ehf., an Icelandic company focusing on the production of their New Nordic spirit line.

Visit http://corp.bittermens.com to see what Avery is working on.

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