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Arne Hillesland

Distillery No. 209
San Francisco, CA
Arne Hillesland is a Bay area native who embodies the Renaissance nature of many of those who inhabit this unique city. Prior to morphing into a world-class master distiller, a.k.a. Ginerator, this amateur chef and saxophonist took a twenty-year journey through Silicon Valley and a career in high technology manufacturing and engineering, followed by a detour into internet start-ups and artificial intelligence. Since his teenaged forays into the making of beer, hard cider and wine in his garage(hopefully the statute of limitation has expired) with his chemist father, Arne has had a passion for creating spirits. Like the other members of the Distillery No. 209 team, Arne respects tradition but wants to push the boundaries of what’s possible. After apprenticing with a Master Distiller from Scotland, Arne developed both the gin recipe as well as some of the innovative techniques that give No. 209 Gin its uniqueness. Arne is solely responsible for making sure each batch of gin exactly matches the highest standard of quality. All of the work is done by hand, and his job is truly a combination of art and science. As he says, “the only changes I make are to keep each batch exactly the same.”

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