Suzanne Sherkin

Suzanne is a Senior Associate with Gender Intelligence Group. With over 25 years’ experience in the field of Communications, she’s excited to bring to GIG’s clients her dedication to creating workplaces that are safe, inclusive and creative.

Her goal in working with teams and leaders is to help them develop behaviors and attitudes that speak the common language of integrity and acceptance – and have these attitudes and behaviors embodied throughout the organization. In addition to bringing her information and insights, Suzanne also brings her great passion for the work of helping organizations become less conflict driven, and more accepting about the issues surrounding mental health and gender diversity. An experienced and spirited trainer and facilitator, Suzanne combines her speaking skills with her skills as a Conflict Management Coach and Mediator to provide engaging and effective training and coaching.

Suzanne’s particular expertise is in the area of transgender – supporting people in transition, and providing direction for those who want to support those in transition. As the mother of a transgender son, her experience of supporting her child through the process of transitioning has given her a deeply personal understanding of the trans journey, and an ability to support others in their journey. She has integrated her insights with her decades of experience in Workplace Communications, Mental Health, and Conflict Management to help workplaces become more accepting and supportive of gender diversity. The work of Gender Intelligence is a wonderful matching of skills and passions with Suzanne’s work.

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