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Jaymee Mandeville

Team Enterprises
Senior Portfolio Ambassador - Bacardi USA West
San Francisco, California
This West Coast native started off behind Hollywood's starlit nightclubs slinging at a high volume pace. As with many Angelenos, Jaymee had quite a few career aspirations and worked for well known motion picture studios, talent agencies and as a fashion stylist for top magazines and TV shows. The shifts till 4 am followed by 6 am call times on set became too much, so she explored the restaurant side of the bar and was delighted to marry her love of cooking to creating cocktails . This was right about the time that LA started to transform into a serious craft cocktail scene. Eventually, all of her focus was on vintage cocktails, making syrups sous-vide, rotovaps, gelification, etc. Over the next couple years she traveled around the US to cocktail competitions, guest shifts, distillery tours and anything else she could do to fully immerse herself in this industry. 2 years ago after winning Bacardi Legacy in Los Angeles, Jaymee was approached by the company to work full-time as a Portfolio Manager. Just last year she moved to San Francisco to continue her hybrid role with Bacardi as an educator, ambassador and representative of all of the family's brands. On her free time you may find her sipping on mezcal or at least daydreaming of Oaxaca!

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