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Daniyel Jones

House Of Angostura
Brand Ambassador
Trinidad and Tobago
Daniyel Jones is the Portfolio Brand Ambassador for the House Of Angostura, traveling the world sharing the beauty of Angostura Aromatic Bitters, Rums and Amaro Di Angostura. ​ The 2013 Champion of the Angostura Global Cocktail Challenge, he continues to demonstrate his passion for the craft traveling to countries worldwide; Russia - St. Petersburg, Moscow, Greece, Italy - Milan, Rome, Germany - Hamburg, Berlin, Tel Aviv - Israel, France - Paris, Cognac, Bordeaux, London UK, US, Cuba, Mexico, Argentina, Chile, Peru, Uruguay, etc hosting masterclasses, tasting seminars, guest bartending shifts and networking with bartenders globally. Having eight years in the industry as a Bartender, Entrepreneur and Brand Ambassador he pioneers for Caribbean bartenders. Working alongside the very best in the industry, he believes that passion, humility and an aptitude creates the best of each of us, but enjoying it brings fulfilment and an indefinite success. Cheers!

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