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James Stevenson

Beautiful Booze
Managing Director
Seattle, Washington
Beautiful Booze is on the road this year and will be visiting destinations all over North and South America. Natalie and James are excited to be travelling and expanding on their site.
Dates are mostly flexible if you can think of somewhere we should be going please let us know.
Oaxaca, Mexico from April 1 to 8 (Mezcal Distilleries)
Mexico City, Mexico from April 9 to 18 (Tales on Tour)
Las Vegas, Nevada from April 18 to 22 (WSWA)
Colombia and Caribbean Islands from April to June (Approximate dates)
Seattle, Washington from July 1 to 7
Road trip between Seattle and New Orleans from July 8 to 16
New Orleans from July 16 to 23 (Tales of the Cocktail)
Road Trip between New Orleans to Waynesville NC from July 23 to 25
Montreal, Canada in early September
New York, NY in early September
Ecuador, Peru, Chile, Argentina and Brazil from late October to early 2017
South Europe from here hopefully!!!

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