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Genise Hollingworth

Black Gate Distillery
Partner, Distiller & Licensee
Mendooran NSW Australia
I am a mother of 3 girls, I live in a small rural town with a population of 400 people in Central West NSW Australia. In 2009 my husband Brian and I decided to make a big change and build a distillery. While still working full time, we had the shed built and then proceeded to do all the internal fit out ourselves. I went from being an administrator in a school to learning how to install a mezzanine floor, tech screw, install insulation and fibro and to plaster walls and ceilings. In 2012 we proudly opened our humble distillery to the public. Living in such a rural town, sales weren't the best when we first opened so we decided to take our product to the people, so every weekend we became "Gypsy Marketeers" traveling to different markets around the district. This worked well for a while and then we met Kathleen from 'Nip of Courage', a national distributor. Since then sales have picked up and so has production. Our biggest achievement to date has been the inclusion of 6 of our products into Noma Australia, a restaurant all the way from Copenhagen who has won worlds best restaurant four times over the past six years . I have always helped Brian in the distillery and in particular the brewing, but recently, with him concentrating on making our very popular single malt whisky, I have taken over the reins of the rum production. I am still only relatively new at it but I'm slowly becoming more confident. With more and more people world wide realising how good Australian spirits are, the potential for growth and expansion is phenomenal. This is an exciting time for the emerging Australian craft spirit industry and I am chuffed to be a part of it

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