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Jeff Lichtenberger

1900 Main KCMO
Industry veteran. 15+ yrs experience. I've held every position from dishwasher, server, and FOH manager to running my own bar program. I've been very fortunate to work along side and, under the tutelage, of some of KC's finest. My latest two endeavors have taken me to the highly respected Manifesto speakeasy, in the candle lit basement tucked beneath the Rieger Hotel & Exchange where I learned the systematic art of batching, classic cocktail execution, and unwavering hospitality from Ryan Maybee. Currently residing at James Beard Award winning Chef Michael Smith's Extra Virgin I work along side my mentor, friend, and KC's USBG President Berto Santoro. Being a part of, and helping curate, EV's cocktail menu has been a huge part in my growth; combining the classic art of the cocktail while not being afraid to go your own way and have fun creating new concepts. I'm wanting to walk away from this opportunity with a wealth of new knowledge, friendships, contacts, and, most of all, a better understanding of this culture that we are all so lucky to be a part of. Every day is a chance to gain a better understanding of where cocktail culture is going, where we want it to go, and bring a better experience to the patrons which we serve, and the culture in which we live and thrive.

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