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Dean Callan

Monkey Shoulder Scotch Whisky
Global Brand Ambassador
New York
Dean Callan started his career as a bartender on the Gold Coast of Australia, having been told in an interview that “Your bar certificates aren’t any good here, we only hire bartenders with experience” his reply was “I’ll work for free until I’m better than your worst bartender” needless to say he got the job, and hasn’t looked back since.
Over a decade on and Dean is still as passionate as ever, his career has taken him far and wide and afforded him the opportunity to work with some of the best characters in the industry.
Tending bar in Ireland, Australia, China and the UK and working in a host of different bars from Hamilton Island’s Beach Hut bar (on the great Barrier reef) to Milk and Honey London he has never stopped learning.
His open minded attitude and passion for training has seen him travel around the world, winning several awards and competitions along the way. Dean has worked as an ambassador and trainer for the coveted Behind Bars in Australia, Bacardi Group in Asia Pacific and William Grants and Sons Globally.
He has trained over 4000 bartenders and has presented at bar shows around the world including Cocktails and Spirits in Paris, Tokyo international Bar Show, the Moscow Bar Show, Whisky Live Shanghai, The Australian Bar Show and London Cocktail week to name a few.
Enthusiastic, energetic and engaging Dean’s presentation style is informative to the point of geeky, with a touch of light hearted fun thrown in for good measure.
Dean is based in London and currently works for William Grant and Sons as the Global Brand Ambassador to the amazing Monkey Shoulder Scotch Whisky.
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