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Mindy Kucan

Hale Pele
Lead Bartender
Portland, Oregon
Mindy has been an avid cocktail maker since 2009. While living in Austin, Texas and working for Hilton Hotels, Mindy started working at Anvil Bar and Refuge in Houston for one day a week to learn the proper techniques in tending bar and making drinks, and was awarded the title of Houston Press Best Bartender 2010. Since then she has moved to Portland, Oregon where she has opened and implemented a strong beverage program at Hale Pele, a successful little tiki bar in Northeast Portland. Mindy is BAR Certified class of 2011, fascinated with perfume and olfactory senses, and plans to start college in the fall of 2016 on a degree in Chemistry with a focus in distillation of spirits, perfume, and medicine. You can find her behind the bar as the Lead Bartender at Hale Pele every Friday through Sunday, wearing something fabulous and #tikitacky. Say hi! She also loves cats and cat jokes.
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