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Valters Kaze

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Riga, Latvia (EU)
Dr. Valters Kaze is Chief Marketing Officer of Amber Beverage Group, the leading beverage business in the Baltics, North of Europe - best known for Stolichnaya and Moskovskay vodkas produced for 170 markets worldwide.
With 20 years of top marketing executive experience in international companies, Valters is a passionate and engaging speaker on marketing innovation and international marketing.
However, his true passion is one of the best hidden gems - Riga Black, probably the oldest living bitter brand in the world, crafted with passion since 1752.
Thus for years already, Valters is spreading the word and preaching the passion for Riga Black in dozens of markets worldwide where Riga Black enjoys love and admiration of both consumers and bartending community. America, are you ready for this?

Riga Black - all-natural botanicals, unique crafting process and secret recipe build its authentic versatile taste. Once it was introduced by 18th century pharmacist Kunze as a "magic elixir" for any disease and (a true story!) credited curing Russian empress Catherine the Great. Today it stands out among other bitters due its versatility - it is one of the rare bitters so loved by top bartending professionals for being an irreplaceable base spirit in cocktails. Today Riga Black is the official partner brand of International Bartenders Association and one of the top herbal bitter brands in each market it establishes its footprint.

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