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Russ Meredith

The Beer Syrup Company
Louisville, KY
Honestly, I love meeting new people and talking about all kinds of things in and outside of our industry. So people should talk to me about anything they want. To sum up the formalities though, I'm an entrepreneur and Bar Manager from Louisville, Kentucky, and I started The Beer Syrup Company. We produce non-alcoholic Beer Syrups, which are simple syrups made from different flavors of craft beer. Our syrups were designed to be used by the Bartender for mixing craft cocktails as well as the Chef who wants to be creative in the kitchen.

I worked in the service industry as a teenager until I joined the Marine Corps in 2001 and I eventually returned home to finish school with an Entrepreneurship degree from the University of Louisville. I bounced around experiencing different types of corporate jobs and decided to get back in the service industry around 2012 so I could pursue some of my own projects and travel. To this day, it has been the most rewarding decision of my life. I love how my job brings new challenges, adventures and opportunities almost every day. Whether it's working behind the bar or networking and collaborating with others, this industry has the ability to take you as far as you want to go.

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