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Matteo Luxardo

Luxardo S.p.A.
Export Manager
Born in 1974, grew up in the country side till the age of 10 where I have discovered the beauty of being wild, a feeling that have never left me. Graduated from high school as a graphic designer have tried the world of university studying Japanese and Chinese, I have tried hardly the first months but then I lost my way, great parties but extreme hang over the next morning have prevented me to follow classes, so my university career ended after 6 months. Without a clue of what to do I did my military service for 18 months in the navy, after the navy I was obliged by my parent to decide what to do of my life, I was always told by my father that I had to deserve to work in Luxardo, that it was not a certainty to work in the company just because my surname was Luxardo, He has always taught me the meaning of earning money and not throwing them away. Not knowing what to do I decided to leave and go to leave in the UK where I found a job as a rep at Remy Martin UK, this has lasted a year and half. It was my first real job, a great life experience where I found wonderful people that has helped me to give the right direction do my life. After UK I left for Spain where I leaved for a year and half in Seville spending the money that I earned in UK and working as a helper bartender in a night club. I was doing simple stuff like Mojitos, Cuba Libre and Gin Tonics. At one point I have received a phone call from my father asking me if I was ready and if I wanted to join the company and work for him. And here I am after 16 years Export Manager of the Luxardo company, share holder and proud of teaching around the world the Luxardo 200 years history and presenting the great range of high quality Classic Italian liqueurs.

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