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About Austin Hope
Austin Hope arrived in Paso Robles in 1978, when his family moved to the small farming town in search of new opportunity. His parents bought land and planted both vineyards and apple orchards. He was just eight years old when the grapes came on line in the 1980s and began learning in the vineyards alongside his father, Chuck Hope. In 1995, he graduated from Cal Poly San Luis Obispo with a degree in fruit science. The Hope family began producing Liberty School wines and founded Treana in 1996. After beginning as the assistant winemaker, Austin became winemaker for the Hope portfolio in 1998.

Hope Family Wines now makes Treana, Liberty School, Candor, Troublemaker and Austin Hope wines. In 2012, Austin Hope Syrah earned a place on the acclaimed Wine Spectators Top 100 Wines of the World. Over the years Hope has been involved in many philanthropic ventures, most recently being honored the Founders Award from the Nobelity Project for his work with the Wine to Water program, providing clean water to school children in Kenya. When he’s not in the lab tasting or on the road promoting his wines, Austin enjoys duck hunting with Spartacus, his Labrador retriever, and staying ahead of the curve on the indie music scene by attending as many rock-n-roll concerts as possible. He’s also a dedicated husband and father who enjoys spending time with his two young daughters and wife Celeste.

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