Gobo Hansen

Gobo Hansen has been working in Ruby for the past 4 & a half years. Starting as a bartender, he worked his way up to become a fully fledged member of the management team, covering both Ruby and sister-bar Lidkoeb. And with the 3rd bar on the way –Brønnum is opening this August, Gobo’s got his hands full.

Gobo’s role has developed over the years. He is still running management and bartending shifts in the Copenhagen bars, but in order to help Ruby, Lidkoeb and Brønnum to develop, Gobo has taken a keen interest in what is going on on the bar scene around the world; visiting barshows, conventions and cocktailbars all over. On these travels he gathers inspiration, experiences and knowledge of new trends, -all aspects which benefit his Copenhagen colleagues in Ruby, Lidkoeb and Brønnum.

As with most people in this industry, Gobo does what he does because he loves
taking good care of guests. He is a rare talent in the fine art of hosting, and has a
ability in making people feel at home in any bar he works in.

Gobo is oldschool in his no-nonsense style of hosting, and we sincerely hopeyou’ll enjoy his company!


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