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Wednesday, July 20

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#IfYouBuildItTheyWillCome #BarsGetSocial La Nouvelle Orleans West at the Hotel MonteleoneAlan Moss • Arun Mirchandani • Edmund Weil • Tales of the Cocktail Amaro per Amore: Rare & Modern Amaro Bonnet Carre Room at the Hotel MonteleoneGiuseppe Gallo • Francesco Lafranconi • Arcoroc • Averna • Cinzano 1757 • Amaro Lucano 1894 • Cynar 70 • Edward Don • Amaro Montenegro • Ditta Bortolo Nardini • Chef & Sommelier • Distilleria Varnelli • Turin Vermouth • Fernet Vittone How To Start A Brand Without A Distillery La Nouvelle Orleans East at the Hotel MonteleoneRyan Malkin • Malte Barnekow • Harry Kohlmann • Noah Rothbaum • Barry Younkie • MGP Ingredients • Caña Brava Rum Pumping out Paradise: Secrets Behind a High Volume Tiki Bar Iberville Room at the Hotel MonteleoneShelby Allison • ErinHayes • Mindy Kucan • Paul McGee • Scotty Schuder • House of Angostura When Is A Rum Not a Rum? The Big Rum Debate Queen Anne Ballroom at the Hotel MonteleoneIan Burrell • Alexandre Gabriel • Ben Jones • Richard Seale • Roberto Serralles • Rhum Clément • Don Q Cristal Rum Amor Amaretto presented by Luxardo Royal Ballroom B at the Hotel MonteleoneMatteo Luxardo • Luxardo • Anchor Distilling Company Rye Not Pre-Game presented by Wyborowa Wódka Lobby of the Hotel MonteleoneZach Lynch • Wyborowa Wódka Shots of Inspiration: Bitter Makers and Author Signings Lobby of the Hotel MonteleoneMarvin Allen • Mirella Amato • Mark Bylok • Jeff Cioletti • Wayne Curtis • Alex Day • Dale DeGroff • Adam Ford • Heather Greene • David Kaplan • Reid Mitenbuler • Francois Monti • Noah Rothbaum • Amy Zavatto • Bittercube • Sodas • Crude Bitters &amp • 18.21 Bitters • Bittered Sling Bitters • Dale DeGroff's Pimento Aromatic Bitters • Octavia Books • Fee Brothers • Wild Hibiscus Flower Company • Berg & Hauck's • Wilks & Wilson

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Tales of the Cocktail® 2016 Official Cocktail Competition: The Year of the Mule Front Steps of the Hotel MonteleoneBittercube • Co. • Gingeroo • Givaudan • PAMA • Syrups • Giffard Liqueurs &amp • Liber &amp • Sun Dog 130 • Rhum Barbancourt • Barritt's Ginger Beer • Gosling's Ginger Beer • 18.21 Bitters • Bulleit Bourbon • Elijah Craig Small Batch Bourbon • Owl's Brew • Domaine de Canton • Jack Rudy Cocktail Co. • East Imperial Collection • Hella Company • Wild Hibiscus Flower Company • Royer Corporation • Prichards Distillery, Inc. • Q Drinks • Monin Gourmet Flavorings • Aviation American Gin • The Bitter Housewife • Barrow’s Intense Ginger Liqueur • The King's Ginger Liqueur • Montelobos Mezcal • Bitter Queens • Ancho Reyes • Afrohead Premium Aged Dark Rum • Don Q Cristal Rum • Gosling's Rum • Pusser's Rum • Redemption Rye • RAFT Botanical Syrups • Top Note Tonics • Fever Tree • Perfect Purée of Napa Valley • Absolut Vodka • Aylesbury Duck Vodka • Deep Eddy Vodka • Grey Goose Vodka • Karlsson's Vodka • Reyka Vodka • Smirnoff Vodka • Rittenhouse Straight Rye Whiskey • Jura Single Malt Scotch Whisky • Monkey Shoulder Blended Malt Scotch Whisky • Wyborowa Wódka Toast to Tales: Tales is headed in new directions. Find out where. Front Steps of the Hotel MonteleoneAnn Tuennerman • Paul Tuennerman Le Monin Iced Café Station presented by Monin Lobby Phone Bank at the Hotel MonteleoneMonin Gourmet Flavorings

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Herbs, Spices and Secrets: Explore The World Of Amaro Montenegro presented by Amaro MontenegroFULL Riverview Room at the Hotel MonteleoneMarco Montefiori • Sother Teague • Amaro Montenegro Taking the Reins of an Existing Bar Program La Nouvelle Orleans West at the Hotel MonteleoneEzra Star • Jeff Bell • Erik Lorincz • Jillian Vose • Tales of the Cocktail The Bartender Spy: Frank Meier Queen Anne Ballroom at the Hotel MonteleoneNoah Rothbaum • Fernando Castellon • David Wondrich • Tales of the Cocktail The Global Future Of Sherry in Mixed Drinks Iberville Room at the Hotel MonteleoneCelia Schoonraad • Michael Callahan • Danil Nevsky • Bodegas Williams and Humbert Three Scotch Blends Bonnet Carre Room at the Hotel MonteleoneDave Broom • Gregor Cattanach • Ewan Morgan • Dr. Nicholas Morgan • Arcoroc • Edward Don • Chef & Sommelier • Johnnie Walker Why do Cocktail Cultures Develop or Don't La Nouvelle Orleans East at the Hotel MonteleoneAudrey Fort • Mike Enright • George Nemec • Tales of the Cocktail 2016 Masters of Moonshine presented by Ole Smoky Tennessee Moonshine Royal Ballrooms C & D at the Hotel MonteleoneBohdan Darway • Dana Dixon • Ally Richardson • Bill Whitlow • Ole Smoky Tennessee Moonshine Shhh...There’s a New Rum in Town presented by Plantation Rum Orleans Room at the Hotel MonteleonePlantation Rum How Do You Take Your Coffey? presented by Nikka Whisky Royal Ballroom B at the Hotel MonteleoneKevin Diedrich • Emiko Kaji • Naoki Tomoyoshi • Anchor Distilling Company • Nikka Whisky Passport to Port-au-Prince presented by Rhum Barbancourt Lobby of the Hotel MonteleoneZach Lynch • Rhum Barbancourt

4:15pm CDT


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